American artifacts essays in material culture table of contents

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Women and the Material Culture of Needlework and Textiles, 1750–1950

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American Influence on Filipino Food Culture - A Case Study

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A Prehistoric Wilderness 3.

American Artifacts: Essays in Material Culture

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Italian-American History

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Media archaeology rummages textual, visual, and auditory archives as well as collections of artifacts, emphasizing both the discursive and the material manifestations of culture. Its explorations move fluidly between disciplines, although it does not have a permanent home within any of them.

Table of contents. First Presentations.

Composing Inquiry: Methods and Readings for Investigation and Writing

Key Readings for Key Terms. Source Community. Sensible objects: colonialism, museums and material culture - Edwards, Elizabeth, Gosden, Chris, Phillips, essays on museums and material culture - Stocking, George W.

X. Book. Jules Prown is renowned as a historian of American art and a pioneer in the study of material culture, a discipline that attempts to achieve a more profound understanding of individuals and societies using works of art as tangible evidence.

A significant amount of qualitative research takes place in the field. Yet the notion of analysing the place and material objects that contribute to the interactions and in situ behaviour of the participants is often overlooked. This article shows how an analysis of space and material culture contributes to an understanding of social and structural relationships in qualitative research.

Moreover, in concentrating on and theorizing material practices of textiles, these essays reorient the study of fiber arts towards a focus on process”the making of the object, including the conditions under which it was made, by whom, and for what purpose”as a way to rethink the fiber arts as social praxis.

Kenneth Haltman, “Introduction” of American Artifacts: Essays on Material Culture, ed.

The Familiar Made Strange

Jules David Prown and Kenneth Haltman (East Lansing: Michigan State University, ),

American artifacts essays in material culture table of contents
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