Bba 1001

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

Total Semester Credit Hours (sch): Major: 63 sch CIP Code: Degree Requirements.

Specialties: Personalized attention on matters relating to Fiduciary and Business Services.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Always working with the expertise of attorneys and accountants and other elder care professionals. Our services include: Conservatorship of Estates Location: Bayhill Dr Ste San Bruno, CA Get directions, reviews and information for One on One BBA in San Bruno, CA.

*Freshmen are required to take BADM and ; transfer students are required to take BADM **A list of approved courses can be found on the University General Education Requirement page. Business concentration courses.

BBA 1001-150-1/2

A business concentration is required for all bachelor of business administration students. 9. 0 Coursework Explain carefully seven human resource management programs that require some type of information that is gleaned from job analysis.

Coursework. Name: ID: IC: Job analysis is such an important activity to HR managers that it has been called the building block of everything that personnel do.

One on One BBA Bba 1001
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