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Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket Summary

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In "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket," Tom Benecke climbs out onto a narrow window ledge to retrieve a piece of paper. This paper includes all the research that he has done on his quest to get a. In "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket," Tom Benecke climbs out onto a narrow window ledge to retrieve a piece of paper.

This paper includes all the research that he has done on his quest to get a. Nov 11,  · Summary on Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket: The main character's name is Tom, and he has an important yellow work paper on his desk.

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. The opening sentence of "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" shows the primitive way in which many important documents were typed in the days before word processors: At the little living-room desk.

Contents of The Dead Man's Pocket Overview The short story "Contents of The Dead Mans Pocket" is a story about a young man named Tom Beneke. Tom spends all his time working on important information about a grocery store. One night his wife goes out, and his paper flies out the window. Start studying Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket.

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Content of the man s pockets
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