Improving critical thinking through socratic seminars

Chapter What Is the Teacher's Job When Teaching?

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The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

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Werner Erhard

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Chapter What Is the Teacher's Job When Teaching?

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Schooling by Design. by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. Table of Contents. Chapter 5. What Is the Teacher's Job When Teaching?

Werner Erhard

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The Socratic Method can effectively be used in a college classroom to engage students and promote higher level critical thinking. Students are encouraged to make statements or draw conclusions about a topic and then to question those statements or conclusions. Socratic seminars continue the tradition of Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher who taught his followers by asking questions.

Today, Socratic dialogue can transform students’ learning experience in classrooms from elementary through high school and beyond. There are many ways to articulate the concept of critical thinking, yet every substantive conception must contain certain core elements.

Consider these brief conceptualizations of critical thinking. As technology has continued to permeate the classroom, the concept of personalized learning has gained traction among educators and policymakers.

Improving critical thinking through socratic seminars
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