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LSU Museum of Art

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The LSU Museum of Art seeks to enrich and inspire through collections, exhibitions, conservation, and education, serving as a cultural and intellectual resource for the University, Baton Rouge, and beyond.

Museum maintains an active schedule of cultural activities, for young musicians to perform for audiences, all on a voluntary and free basis. The LSU Museum of Natural Science was founded inwhen its first director, George H. Lowery, Jr., assembled a few study specimens of birds in a classroom in Audubon Hall.

Since its move to Murphy J. Foster Hall inthe museum has continued to expand and is currently one of the nation's. LSU Museum of Natural Science Planning Document, Release March 15, Preamble to the Museum Planning Document, Release The LSU Museum of Natural Science is the only comprehensive research museum in the south-central United States and is one of the world's premiere university-based research museums.

Immerse yourself in the history of Louisiana and its culture through art at the LSU Museum of Art. Located on the fifth floor of the Shaw Center for the Arts, the museum hosts a variety of historic and contemporary art exhibitions, as well as a vast permanent collection spanning the s to present.

As Baton Rouge's only dedicated art museum, the LSU Museum of Art serves as a vital cultural and educational resource for Louisiana's capital city.

Lsu museum
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