People who inspired me

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Who Inspires You

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9 Famous People Who Will Inspire You to Never Give Up

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Merci to Veronique for the French translation! I loved the garter. With that said I have a long list of people who have inspired me. My parents have inspired me to work hard and do better in what I do in life.

People who inspire me

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People who inspire me. There are many people who inspire me from various walks of life. Some are famous people who have changed the world for the better.

Others reflect a more personal choice. If you would like to suggest people who have inspired you, please leave a comment. Love how this has come full circle!

About 3 years ago, Reddit helped us organize the surprise flashmob for Caine that was featured in the short film. Inspired by the response to the film, we asked ourselves if there was a way to foster the creativity of kids like Caine in communities around the world.

People who inspired me
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