Supply chain of innovation

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Innovation: A Fresh Eye on the Supply Chain

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Innovation: A Fresh Eye on the Supply Chain

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The Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of All-Time No. Taylorism: In the late s, the great Frederick Taylo r takes the first scientific approach to manufacturing.

In the early s, he invents the concepts of using time studies on the factory floor, and based on that work, the notion of "standard times" for getting specific tasks done. Innovation and Supply Chain are Connected Supply chain and innovation might seem like two different activities, but in fact, they generate significant interaction.

Once a product is designed, the supply chain comes in to source materials, manufacture the product and get it. Supply chain management is a key component of productivity and this has necessitated a paradigm shift in the way it is done.

One of the most significant changes is the adoption of modern technology to enhance efficiency and accountability in the entire supply chain. Apr 21,  · Top 10 US Supply Chain Schools of April 21, Every year, SCM World surveys hundreds of supply chain executives to find out which universities they consider the best at producing graduates with practical, as opposed to philosophical, approaches to supply chain management.

The result is a list of the top schools for. Opening this June in an initial 15,‐square‐foot space at Atlanta's TechSquare Labs, Georgia‐Pacific's Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation will serve as a collaborative space for businesses ranging from multi‐national corporations to emerging startups and academic institutions.

Supply chain innovation is driven by the need to differentiate. To attract and retain customers, companies must innovate across product development, process improvement, and technology enablement. It is critical for companies to turn information into action through advanced analytics, evaluate multiple scenarios to identify the optimal course of action and have confidence in the decision-making.

What drives supply chain innovation? Supply chain of innovation
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