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Torstar's Q2 Results And Commentary

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'Very difficult' for Cogeco to profit from wireless venture: Analyst

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Torstar places big bet on digital media company

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Canadians greedy for more competition in the wireless sector welcomed Cogeco Communications Inc.’s revelation that the cable company is considering a foray into the mobile business. Toronto Star/CBC investigation Ticketmaster’s ‘TradeDesk’ scalper tool explained As U.S. senators ask questions about Ticketmaster’s TradeDesk platform, the Star compiles the facts to date.

Torstar Corporation is a Canada-based media company with a long history in daily and community newspapers, book publishing and digital businesses. 13 days ago · Torstar Corp. announced Thursday that it has signed an agreement to acquire iPolitics Inc., a digital political website based in Ottawa.

The deal is expected to close on or around Oct. 1. In a.

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